Sunday morning there was this incredible fog creeping up on the city. I kept trying to ignore it and do some work around the apt but it grabbed me and away I went with my camera. It was one of those mornings that it's quiet no matter where you are and you find yourself wondering where everyone is, but thankful no one is around.

After riding by the fences on the waterfront that say over and over NO TRESPASSING and 24 HOUR SURVEILLANCE, I realized that NO one was paying attention. So I slipped between the fence out to the water. Not much to see, but it sure was exciting.

Then on the way home, up Kane Street, in Cobble Hill-ish area, I came across this house with withered pumpkins. The faces seemed so alive that I started to laugh. No botox here!

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Lesterhead said...

love these pumpkin photos! ha!