Everytime I am over in the WillyB it reminds me why I am so glad I moved. Now, I know that everyone is just DYING to live in the hippest of the hippest among all the aluminum siding and garbage, but this is ridiculous! Wow, look you have a balcony! Oh look, my neighbors have a balcony. Now WHO would buy either of these places...!?!?? I hear they are selling for a mere $600,000! Maybe you can get your friends to live next door and you can jump from apt to apt!

And another building down near the river, on River St. and N 1st... yeah, I wouldn't mind living near the river again, but the view from this place... COME ON! I'm sure that there has to be some health issues living across from an energy plant. And I know you can get used the humm of the highway and the subway, but do you really want to get used to the HUMMMMM of this?!

is it Trash... or Art?

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Unknown said...

is it Trash... or Art?

It's Trart.