Oh i'm tired... but i'm still going to post this! Too much sun, biking and dancing today. For some reason I felt the need to bike down to Ave J to photograph Washington Cemetery in Borough Park even though it was 95 and sunny, and yet with 30 SPF on, li'l whitey is a weee bit reddy!

It was pretty amazing though, they really pack 'em in this place, but all these faces were really getting to me. Sometime around 2001 these new headstones started appearing, lining the walkway and staring out, making me oh so slightly uncomfortable. I kept thinking about whether these people knew each other and if they did, were they friendly... because if not, they are staring at each other for eternity! Just a thought. What was great though, as I left and made my way back home down McDonald Ave, I came across these two guys actually carving/engraving the tombstones!

I was amazed to find out they do this all by hand, thought for sure there was some laser cutting granite somewhere. The first guy was from Armenia and the other guy, not sure because he was deaf and mute so not too many questions going on there. Those are some skills!

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