I have just laughed for the last 6 hours straight. Turns out the place to see and be seen in Belize City was our hotel, the Radisson. That was a laugh in itself. So after an hour of bad music and mysterious appetizers we headed to the Princess Casino, not really knowing what to expect. Between the 2 of us, we had maybe $25 cash for gambling and dinner, so we played $5 on roulette, won $10. bet $10, won $30, and so on. I think i milked a $5 chip on blackjack for at least an hour. Then there was the dinner, oh my gawd, it was the segment in Lost in Translation with Bill Murray in the bar, drinking, unsure how to process it all, except it's the Caribbean. The worst lounge singing with 2 old Mexicans and the girl. If it wasn't so easy to laugh I would of cried. So, back to the casino. Between laughs we were able to win a small fortune in Belizian Dollar, we even won the raffle and I had to go on stage and spin the wheel! Anyways, I would of taken a few pictures of our winnings but they held my camera at the door. We didn't capture the "nightlife" that work wanted but it sure was worth the laughs. Only 12 more hours.... I love Belize. ha ha ha

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