Spent the day out in Ozone Park at a cemetery I saw from the subway a few weeks ago. I didn't think places like this existed in NY! It was really hard to edit down and wish I could show them all...

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JourneyUnloved said...

These images are wonderful I have a few very similar to the ones posted here. I love Acacia, been there several times three years in a row 2007 was the last time I visit and spend over 2 hours and took over 400 images it's like a walk through the woods and it has so much age I love all cememteries but this cemetery has been my favorite so far. I can't wait to go back. I always wanted to do a horror documentary in a old cemetery and Acacia would be the perfect place. Great images, keep up the good work.

Dark Blessings ^v^

Suzie V v v V