It was too nice of a night to just ride home and do work, so I took the detour through Chinatown. The guy in the second image was trying to sell me stones, yes stones from the beach. Under the Manhattan bridge is a bustling area of vegetable sales, shoe repair stands and everything else, most vendors have long lines and a world of aromas - but this woman spent as much time organizing the display of ginger as she did selling her goods. She really was wonderful.

I then made the bad decision to jump on the IKEA boat and bypass the bridge. Oh what a mistake. First of all... who told all these people about the free ferry - packed on a Monday night! Then the Hasidic woman with 5 kids under 8... perhaps the sugary sodas and bags of chips were not the best idea. OH MY OH MY... "mom mom mom mom mom" crying, screaming. Everyone on the boat had their ears plugged, the nanny just sat there quietly watching as Mom tried not to yell too. It was awful. I asked if she ever has a quiet time in the house, she responded, "...when they are asleep". oh man. no thank you.

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