Well... after a day of biking across brooklyn/queens, I'm exhausted. But it's due time to post some new images. These are from Most Holy Trinity Cemetery in Brooklyn-ish, it's a funny border between Brooklyn and Queens and I'm not sure which side of the street I was on. What I do know, they do NOT like bikes nor do they like cameras. The security guard pretended to call 911 and I walked away. I mean come on, really... anyways, it is a beautiful place that seems unreal at times. I've never seen tombstones made out of metal. There were some made out of wood, others made from pipes. I inquired with the friendly security guard, but he just said, "I just work here... NO PHOTO". After some research, it seems the grounds were believed to soft for marble so hollow metal and wood were used. Incredible. Marble melts away over the years; metal bends, twists and rusts into new shapes yet holding information for years to come.

trying a new way to post images tonight. Let me know what you think! -g

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