Just getting back into the flow of things after a wonderful week in the sun. Tucson was an interesting mix of dirt and spirits. Everywhere you look there seems to be a cross; road memorials, missions and saguaro cacti. On first arrival I was taken with a small cemetery on the side of the road, so we exited and tried to find it. Turns out it was on the Gila River Reservation and were basically told if we went there the cops would too. So, back in the car and off to Tucson - of course I couldn't get it out of my head. On my way back to Phoenix I stopped off again and found a cemetery. Not the small memorial one we saw from the highway but similar. It's pretty different then any other I've seen. Not sure what Sponge Bob Square Pants has to do with memorials but he was on quite a few graves, along with solar lights, fake flowers, etc. One article I read seemed to think it had to do with how poor they are and they place a lot of different items from around the house for decoration. I don't know about that, just found it colorful in the land of beige.

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