It's been too long and my focus has been elsewhere. But tonight was another night at RePop and Russell had some new dolls for me to fall in love with. He has this great way of displaying them throughout the store that no matter how many times you walk through you always find another one. Something new to look at. To touch. And for me, to capture. You know you want one. You have to have one. They call out to you. Go buy one.

Outside the store, the screaming chef is recreating one of the original restaurants in the hood, Mojito's. I sure hope it works. Mojito's was amazing when they opened... the succulent cuban pork, the rice and beans, and of course the mojitos! What else could I ask for?! But then they got big. They got busy. They went bad. Come on Mr. Screamer... oh what's your name from Kitchen Nightmares, make them wonderful again.

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