I tried to just walk by and go to the store but I couldn't. I ended up sitting with Mrs. Woznick, the owner of 489 Myrtle for at least 2 hours, talking about what they are doing and the neighborhood. How much it has changed and the people she knew. My favorite conversations.

The big trucks were out and the young kids were there to ooh and ahhh. Of course they don't have any idea of what is really going on, they just love trucks. But even the adults in the gawker crowd let out oohs when a big piece was torn away. Mrs. Woznick is still hoping to save her house. They are shoring up the wall as the neighboring house comes down with hopes it will be stable enough - still a LOT of work to be done. I was surprised to see people peeking out the windows in the first two buildings. I'm sorry, I would not be going home until all the work is done. Even then I'm sure it would take some help to sleep.

I did receive another link to help Anh Nguyen. His friends have set up a website based on his drawings to help him. Here is the link: http://savemang.org/

Ironic that the mirror still stood until the final wall came down. All this destruction and mayhem and there it sits above the radiator on the top floor. Unbroken. So is that good luck then? She did make it out...

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