Coney Island

The ads say, "Really Fun, Really Open." It was my first trip out to Coney since the demise of Astroland. Thor placed a traveling carnival in its place for the summer. I was intrigued by the old school fascination booths. The Two-Headed baby. Snake Woman. and the one I had to see, "The Worlds Smallest Woman - small enough you could lift her! She'll even talk to you!". I feel disgusting for paying a buck to talk to a midget. ugh. She just sat there in a tiny recliner playing with her nails, staring at a wall, just tall enough that no one could see in... excepting tips. ugh.

But overall, the park was packed - it was the Siren Festival. We never saw a band play. Took a ride on the Polar Express! (Himalaya-laya-laya-laya!) Ate good-ish food. Sun. Happy. Here are the rest of the pics.

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