Why all the fear?

I'm not sure why I'm not afraid but too many people are. Everyone talks about the bad things that happen in the city but everywhere I turn I run into good.

As we drove down Jefferson angels started appearing on buildings. Vacant buildings covered in faded angels. Why? And then there is this guy and with a cart - on the front "Crib in the Hood" - how could you not stop? U-turn.

This is Bill and he lives in the Delray neighborhood, it's not a nice neighborhood, bordoring Zug Island on the outskirts of Detroit. Yet he takes care of what is around him, keeps it nice, what is left of it. A few weeds here, broken windows everywhere, etc., but this is his 'hood' and he makes it home. I certainly didn't stay long enough to get to know him, but I found a whole story on the detroitblog - take a look. Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone cared half as much as Bill does?


bodybagging said...

Wow I grew up here, moved out years ago and rarely make the trek back to the old hood' Bill was standing on the corner by the delray cafe bar.... wonder if its still there....

Unknown said...

This is my grandpa he no longer lives there but he is still very much around