Staten Island Hospital

...or what remains. I found this place on Halloween while searching for another, isn't that always the way, but the light was waning and I was alone so I headed home determined to return soon. Soon came yesterday. When I walked up there was a man sitting inside the gate, seemed harmless but you never know. His reaction gave me the impression he is there often and often told to leave, "I'm on my way, on my way out, don't worry I'm leaving... unless you smoke pot?" Sorry just here for a photo or two. "What you buying this building? You crazy." ...ha. Anyways - he left and I didn't run into anyone else which was good. The inside of the buildings were falling down so I couldn't make my way around too well. Stairwell intact but floors crumbling. I'll just stay here on the cement floors. I'm not sure when it was vacated but a woman from across the way said they tried to convert it into condos but that didn't last. Obviously people come and go, but other then that, I'm sure it will fall away soon like the rest of the buildings on the lot.

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