I usually ask before taking a photo but more often then not I'm taking the photo as they say no. Jean Luc was another no. He heard the click and laughed at me... Why'd ya ask? I call it the ice breaker, I'm either going to delete it or we will have a laugh. Thankfully this was another laugh. I feel I've met him before, probably have, but in his all weather gear plus a few layers more, hard to tell. It was a crisp windy day out on the beach - I had on a sweater, fleece, jacket, scarf and a windbreaker - can't say I was cold but I stayed away from the water. Jean Luc teaches fly fishing all year round, standing right in the crash of the waves. He said some days are pretty miserable, especially in the winter when the water turns to ice on impact... but it's a job, a job that doesn't suck.

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