They were born here, and now in their 90s, this will likely be their only home. It's a nice house, the house they know, but not easy when the only bathroom is upstairs. Alzheimer's is taking Sophie's mind so Laurie cares for them both. I cannot imagine. I don't think Sophie remembered me, but she recognized a photo of herself and knew who my parents were which made us all smile. She's still quite strong and was happy to show me, I thought she wanted to arm wrestle! I was worried it would make me sad but she seems content in her mind, even a laugh and a beg for more ice cream after two bowls, but I cannot imagine watching 24/7. There's a repetitive nature to a loss of knowing and that can be exhausting so Laurie writes her notes that she keeps by her side. The memories are mostly gone but her mind is still working and when she gets confused the notepad is there to remind her what just happened and where she is. I'm not sure who it's harder for...

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