$11 on #11 in the 11th race on the 11th day of June 2011.

Elevens. I like the number eleven. A real long shot at 30-1 but it sounded so good. He wasn't the big payout I hoped for but I actually only threw him a buck, why not. The last time I chose horse #11 he won, I just hadn't bet. My big winning horse I chose by a song I couldn't get out of my head "It's Tricky to rock-a-rhyme, to rock-a-rhyme that's right on time" It's Tricky paid off! In the misty rain we chose our horses by likes and names, laughing when one paid out over well thought out bets coming in via text messages. The Belmont Stakes is pretty much a frat party full of expensive beer, bad bets and boys in seersucker suits that I couldn't pass up no matter how bad the weather was.

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