Breezy Point.

When you ride up to Breezy Point there is a large sign that lets you know that the bike lane ends and that if you aren't "one of them" you should turn around and leave, but a friend of mine that grew up out there clued me into the fact that if I just rode by like I knew better, no one will stop me. So I did, and I'm sure my blonde hair and blue eyes helped. There is much to be said about the exclusivity of this community but the part I loved, loved... the bikes! Bikes everywhere without a lock. Roll up in your bathing suit, hop off and enjoy. I suppose the fact that I locked my bike everywhere was a clue I wasn't one of them but no one said a thing... this time.

The Shit Left Behind.

The other side of BP is the fishing side. As you know I love to photograph and talk to the fishers, and there were a few out - no catches yet, but it was the garbage that made me crazy! You can try to tell me that it wasn't the fishing folk but the holes in the sand for their poles was a dead giveaway. You have this amazing access to desolate beaches to fish and you treat it like garbage. sad.

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