Carrabella, Florida

The road with views from Panama City to Palm Beach is the slow road, the road I prefer over the speedy developed ones. Cruising along the water with the morning sun reflecting off the still Gulf there's really no reason to go any faster. Just after Carrabella you leave the waterfront and are confronted with emptiness. Land of nothing but deserted motels in empty towns where speeds slow to 15mph, coppers patiently wait for you with radar guns pointing. They want your money. They need your money. This motel sat right outside town, the open door calling my name. Upon closer inspection I probably should have passed this one up, the white sheets covered in large dark stains piled on the mattress. As I looked out to the water between the office and another room broken open, I spied a man covered in blankets pulling something out of the water that hadn't been swimming. He stood up, turned to me and gave the look of unwelcomeness. I turned around, jumped back in the car and sped off. I may never know what happened here but I do know you can buy this whole property for just under a million, "no offers refused". It's all yours!

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