I'm heading home to Detroit this weekend, not for fun, but to check up on my family - although I'm hoping that will be fun too. I haven't seen my parents in many months and it's due time I spend some time with them. I'm hoping where my mind is going with my fathers sickness is way overboard and like he keeps telling me, "it's nothing..." but notice the sigh after nothing. No one knows for sure what it is yet but I'm sure I need to see him and my Mother. So this weekend it is! Beyond the fun of family, and that will be had, I'm looking forward to revisiting a few spots in the D that will be valid additions to my project "Full Circle". With Lefty burnt down and the so much of the city being attacked by stupid arsonists, it's time for new buildings to rise. Let's hope they rise remembering the past they are replacing (upgrading?) and not just ugly ass condos like NYC has been overwhelmed with.

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