The Heidelberg Project, 2012

It was so nice to meet Otila Bell of the Yellow House Guestbook. An entrepreneur at heart, she asks a dollar and you can sign her house with your name, date and where you are from. Once a day they photograph new signatures and upload them to Facebook. All donations are going towards repairing the wood exterior of her house and repainting. It takes a lot to keep these old homes up, especially in a city like Detroit that never seems to get a break. She lives right on Heidelberg so piggybacking on all of the visitors will allow her house to remain looking great! The day before the city demolished one of Tyree's homes, the Taxi House, as it was extremely dilapitated. I still remember in the beginning of this project when Mayor Coleman Young demolished some of the homes in the middle of the night. What a coward. Others have come down as well so it's about time Tyree's work is finally getting recognition this year at Art Basel

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