Slow Roll Detroit.

My first ride with the Slow Roll world of Detroit through one of my favorite parts of the D. I'm not normally a fan of large groups of people on bikes but figured since I'm here, and I have my bike, it would be fun so I gathered up some family and friends and away we went. It was a seriously SLOW roll, at times stopping for almost 20 minutes to wait for roads to clear. Comprised of the most diverse group of people - age, ethnicity, religion, etc. with even more interestingness along the sidelines. Jim with his panties, the car full of people that looked like they drove in from Grosse Pointe to see people in Detroit, the kids so happy to cheer us on... all and all, a really fun ride! Detroit has a pretty bad reputation and the police have a tough job here, so it was wonderful to not only see them smiling as they escorted all 4,000 of us through the city, but to see everyone on the ride thanking them at every pass. Their smiles were as contagious as ours. Thanks Jay & Mike!

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