Yesterday we spent the day throughout Jacmel where everyone is in full creation mode for this weekend - the entire city feels like finals week in art school. The process starts with sculpting a design out of clay, pressing layers of glued paper onto the mold. Once the clay dries enough, they break it out and continue layering paper onto the design. After the paper is dry, another artist from the group will paint each piece adding either glitter, sand, beads, or wax at the end. It is quite a process and everyone is working long days to be ready for this weekend.

The manifestations (protests) have gone quiet as Kanaval is nearing but reminders of the elections are everywhere. If there's one thing the Haitian's look forward to it's this, and no stupid election is going to get in the way. Of course some festivities have been scaled back but as we left Jacmel last night the grandstands were being built and the energy was on high. This is going to be great!

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