Nom Mwen se...

When we took the motos up into the mountain the other day, I told the boys I wanted to walk up next time (so I'm the only one to blame when I cannot walk tomorrow). Even though we left at 730am the sun was blazing on the way up. Blan Blan Blan is now a tinge of  Ros√©. On our way up we noticed a woman just over the ravine working a pile of charcoal. They make the charcoal by burning the trees which has devastated the hills around us - less rain, run-off and infertile soil are only a few problems - unfortunately this is one of the only sources of income for many so I don't see it stopping anytime soon. We found our way over the ravine and I threw around one of the few phrases I've mastered, "Nom Mwen?" What is your name? (in the local slang) Eloude is her name and when I responded with mine she flashed a smiled that sparkled across the hills. Her daughter's name is also Geralyn. Uhm... what... that's 2 days in a row of my name. I do not kid that I had a moment that I thought I was part of a prank, there aren't a lot of us out there and I've ran into two in two days! So here she is, red toe nails and all. Big love from Haiti! - g

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