What day is it?

All I know is it’s my last day if all goes as planned. No new alerts from the US Embassy so that is a plus, although I hear the US Marines are on standby today if Martelly doesn’t actually step aside. Crazy Haitian politics I do not understand - I can barely follow the madness that is the US politics and this is 10x over. I'm sitting here watching a lone fishing boat bob up-and-down on the waves having a hard time believing I will be back in the chill tomorrow evening...

Yesterday was a quiet day. Beach. Swim. Swim. Beer. Swim. Lobster. Relax. Perfect. We were the only Blan’s on the beach - word was out and every single person within walking distance brought their stuff to sell. Bird mobiles, gum, peanuts, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, coconuts and hats. Unfortunately for them, I wanted only peanuts. The children are persistent, no matter how many no’s or merci’s, they stay and stare at you with sad face that someone has told them works on tourists. They were told wrong. Hoping to meet up with my little Muse Coralee again today and shower her family with my remaining Gourdes. I hear there may be small Kanaval celebrations in town but no one knows for sure. So like every other day, heading out to find something amazing. Cheers! - g

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