Excited to share news of being selected a winner in the Latin America Fotografia 5 for these two image from Bahia in 2015. Loved seeing so many of my fellow travellers and friends in the list as well. Full winner list and slideshow - http://www.ai-ap.com/slideshow/LAF/5/  And in even more exciting news, my sweet kitten from Bahia was chosen to be printed in NatGeo Mag - the actual magazine! - and will be in this Septembers issue! I've known this was going to happen since May but not sure what issue. Held back my excitement as I was sure i'd jinx it if I told anyone. I know, ridiculous, but hey. I do wish the printing of the image in the magazine looked as good as my retouched version below, talk about disappointment... so it goes. Cheers! - g

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