Dios bendiga este hogar.

My last day in Havana I spent the day walking and wandering, saying hello to everyone, observing and photographing. It was getting late in the afternoon and the light was beautiful so I took the ferry to Casablanca where I heard the best views at sunset were. I still had time so wandered off to the right of the Hershey Train instead of walking up the hill to El Christo. I truly did feel like I was on a hunt for that one last photo while in Cuba. Up a hill, then down an alley, and back to the main road when a door opened to my right, I peered in... the house of Antonia Perez. I think I took a few more steps before I literally backed up to say hello. Seeing my camera they knew I wanted to come in and without hesitation both doors opened and I was inside talking broken Spanish with her and her friend in awe to my surroundings. Antonia paints/draws phrases all over her walls with her favorite is "Dios bendiga este hogar" "God bless this home". She is so very proud of her home and her son who lives in Tampa with his wife and son.

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