The Light in the Blight.


I always make a point of stopping by the Heidelberg Project when I am home. Driving block after block through what often seems like a disaster zone you come across Tyree's art. Makes me smile every time. This day Steve was on hand answering questions and admiring the space and those that come to visit. Too many people just drive through with the windows up-doors locked, but the few that do get out and wander around are always rewarded. I still think they need to put up a donation bucket at the end of the street. "Drive through once - a buck. Twice without getting out of your car - that'd be twenty!" As a hummer full of 16 year old girls drives through... at least they had the windows down.

There is a fundraiser going on to support this project and others like it in Detroit right now, so if you have an extra buck - check it out here! Ok, strike that. Turns out they received an overwhelming response and all matching funds are gone. But, you can still support the Heidelberg here.


carla said...

nice shots. unfortunately I dont think Detroit will ever fully recover.

Harry said...

I've lived in and around Detroit my entire life and it is hard to watch a place you loved go feral. The Heidelberg Project is a shining light in a sea of blight.