The Packard Plant. Or what is left of it.

The last time I ventured to the Packard Plant there was a lot more of the building standing. There have been 2 collapses since and most of the letters are gone from where the cars used to cross over. I know Detroit isn't always safe, yet once again I found only decent folk. One guy stopped his car to talk to me about how amazing the plant used to be. Another, just picking up bottles, kept an eye on me from afar yet smiled whenever I looked to make sure I knew where he was. And then Al. He lives here in what he calls the "Worlds Largest Demolition Site". We talked a bit about what is like to live there with just his two dogs to protect him. Telling me over and over if I want to go in, not to go alone but if I want to, he gives tours. Apprehension sets in. Right about now he thought it was a good time to read me a prayer. And then I started hearing voices... a door opens up and out comes two more photographers, "Hey Al!". Ok, he's alright.

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