Cairo. Day 1. Part 1.

Where to start? Cairo was an adventure on a whim with my brothers. I tried to read up ahead of time to understand what I was going to see and what I wanted to see but I didn't remember any of it once we arrived. I was warned of the aggressive nature of the people and to be safe and smart but all we ran into were the nicest people who seemed very excited to have Americans wandering amongst their city. "Hello! Yankee Doodle Dandy, what is your name?". Between the security and tourism police on every corner I never once felt unsafe. Our first day we tackled Coptic Cairo - the Christian and the oldest area of Cairo. We wandered through the prerequisite churches and synagogue and of course through the cemetery. Afterwards we wandered through the streets trying to find our way but if anyone spoke English they didn't know how to read our vague tourist maps. So we walked. We wandered. It was wonderful.

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