Cairo. Day 1. Part 2.

Leaving the touristy area we wandered down a street looking for the life of the city, not just the predetermined destinations of the guidebooks. People are everywhere in Cairo. Men sit on the streets drinking tea and socializing. Women doing laundry. The kids, hams no matter where you are. At the end of the street a man sat in a tiny room making rag rugs, similar to the rugs we buy for mere dollars at IKEA. He sat alone in a dark room filled with materials and two looms. As I raised the camera he smiled and allowed me in to photograph more. Slipped him a dollar and turned around to a mass of young kids waiting to have their turn in front of the camera. Big smiles to see themselves in the camera. Their mother embarrassed but also happy to see the photograph. I wish there was a way to get a photo to them... I guess I will have to go back. The further we walked we weren't quite sure where we were but every street had a new story. Like the car repair shop, if you don't have a jack to lift the car up, just turn it on it's side. Why not. More photos to come soon and I will post all of them on Flickr as well... tomorrow.

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