Lost in Korea

One of the stops on the night of cameras was a trip through Korea Town. If you've ever been you know it's like no other place in NYC. Just a few streets near 34th but a whole city in itself. Clubs and halls are all upstairs in office buildings and you can go in and out of whichever you please. Although we did find that if we weren't renting a private room for Karaoke we were quickly escorted back onto the elevator which leads me to believe there is more then karaoke going on - of course. One of the buildings we wandered into had a pool hall on the 12th floor. After watching a few games and interacting I noticed a door open to what I thought was another room. Nope. A stairwell where everyone was smoking - a stairwell to the roof! Away we went. Right under the glow of the Empire surrounded by at least 18 water tanks. Amazing.

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