Sala dos Milagres

Inside of the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, where the Lavagem do Bonfim Festa was the first day we were in Salvador, is the room of miracles. A room filled with wishes and results. Wax body parts hang from the ceiling representing what needs to be cured, photos on the wall of those cured and also waiting for their miracle. Some of the photographs are pretty detailed and hard to look at, including one very bad car accident victim. The 'doll' photographer side of me was giddy when I walked in the room, trying not to smile amongst those in tears and praying for a miracle.

And now I'm watching the snow fall outside my window while trying to wrap my brain around the last 2 weeks... it's hard to believe this adventure has come to an end, even harder to believe I was standing on a beach sweating in the Brazilian sunshine yesterday.

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