Agua de Cerveza.

Bill Mar is currently on TV talking about God and rain while I'm remembering my last day photographing in Salvador dodging the rain doing my best to keep the camera dry. We were all exhausted and really pushing ourselves to find something interesting to photograph. Our initial hope was to attend a Condomble Ceremony but we were told no cameras. Our next idea was the boxing gym and after a VERY long, very slow bus ride in horrible traffic all four of us dove out of the bus into driving sheets of rain. We made it into the corner cafe and waited it out with a beer. By the time it let up enough to walk to the gym they were done for the day. I hadn't been there so was excited when they invited us up to see the space anyways. Four(ish) flights up some very wet, slippery steps I was greeted with so much color my eyes were popping! We didn't stay long and weren't sure what to do so we again did what everyone in Salvador does... had a beer. It's how the city rolls. I'm going to really miss my photo life of the last ten days and even more the sun and seas of Bahia! Brooklyn feels like home but in my haze of jet lag exhaustion it's only strangely familiar today.

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