I live in a neighborhood unaffected by Hurricane Sandy. We had some trees down, lost internet and cable tv, but for the most part we are going on about our lives like nothing happened. At my favorite neighborhood haunt I just overheard folks bitching about the marathon being canceled. I pipe in… "Have you noticed what happened?" her response, "But they trained all year!" Guess what, these folks really don't give a shit. But wait, I was one of these people the other day, enjoying my life, waiting in line for Jimmy Kimmel tickets, etc., I really hadn't grasped what happened either.

This morning I decided to head out to Gerritsen Beach to see how I could help. All I knew was the little I've read in the news, which wasn't much, but I knew they had lost almost everything and I figured I could help somehow. I jumped on my bike with a bag full of homemade chocolate chip cookies to hopefully bring a smile and help out folks as I could.

When I arrived at their volunteer firehouse I was greeted with open arms… A VOLUNTEER! Everyone in this community was affected yet the only people working and volunteering are people from the community. HOW IS THIS SO?!!! It's hard to explain how bad it really is and I don't think my images really show because the water is down, the garbage has been picked up and life is moving forward. The blue house in the middle of the road - that floated over from Breezy Point Surf Club - across the Belt Parkway, smashing into houses and landing in the middle of the road. Men stood on porches in whipping rain pushing it away with their feet, guiding it across the water and away from their homes. Last night they came together and made it their bar. Sandy's BYOB, tip jar included. They danced, laughed and had some much needed fun. They then had to head back into what was left of their homes - reality.

I have so much more I could say but what you need to know is that everyone needs a helping hand. So if you have any time to spare, find a local community near you that was affected and lend a hand. Pull out garbage. Make food. Be there. It's that easy. If you aren't in the area, guess what, your local shelter always needs help. Stop in and help out there. It is that easy.

Staying warm via downed trees

A gift from Breezy Point Surf Club

Water Line.

Every car in the area... ruined.


The cars won't start but they still have much need gas in them. 

On my way home I passed this Hess Station. The folks had been there for hours waiting for a gallon or two. At least 30 cars waiting along Nostrand Ave. The owner came out as I was there to inform them the truck wasn't coming. Some yelled but most jumped into dollar vans down Flatbush to the BP that just might get a truck tonight... might. No one was giving up hope because they need to get places. Blankets and pillows in their cars prepared to spend the night... for gas.

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