Am I really home already?

I've struggled with editing and writing about this adventure and I think it's because my mind cannot wrap around the idea that it's already done... and i'm home. One week is never enough time to travel. It takes that first week to get relaxed, to truly enjoy travel. But here I am, back at a computer, at at desk, struggling to believe I was just in Guatemala. Here's a first tidbit - a snap from the La Catedral, a street filled with beautiful color, and a "sweet" man in his house. We were walking down the street early one morning on our way to breakfast at Fernando's - I spotted him in a cluttered room, his door open just inviting my camera in. So of course I smiled, he invited me in and I was quickly drawn to the many still life's around the room. HE was drawn to two woman walking in his house and very excited to take a picture with us! "woah, watch the hand old man!" hahha.

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