Cachoeira #1

I've carried around prints from this trip to Bahia all week. I flip through them on the subway trying to remember every detail of each day. Where were we, what time was it, what made me take this photo? This was from the first day in Cachoeira, the workshop didn't start for another two so it was nice to wander and refocus my energy out of NYC and into Bahia time. Tammy and I decided to wander through town with our cameras seeking interesting. We found it and so much more. From Yemenja preparations and celebrations, on the water and in folks homes, to the best first beer (or two) of the trip with some wonderful locals just enjoying Saturday in the shade. Cachoeira is a pretty small town and almost all those we met on this first day popped in and out or our adventure over the next two weeks. A beautiful start to a wonderful adventure!

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