Spent the last few cloudy, rainy days designing and thinking about redoing my kitchen, an ongoing thought process since I bought the apartment 11 years ago. So of course I woke up today and the first site I looked at was google flights. For 5 years I've traveled instead of home repairs and right now I'm feeling like packing it all up and running off to another part of the world to See! Sadly I cannot afford both, but I need to do both. Looking through these images is a reminder that a home is more then what it is made of... and after every trip my kitchen doesn't seem so awful. Yet I live in a world where "make do" is not part of the equation. Society pressures us to want more, look better, and spend. I certainly don't need a custom $25k kitchen, but i could use some cupboards that will stay put together and a stove that works correctly. I could also use another month in Brasil.

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