It's hard to keep up the motivation to shoot in this weather. I cannot jump on the bike and my feet will only get me so far. So last weekend I rented a car and drove down Old Route 22 to visit my brother. I was remembering a different road when I planned my route but it was still interesting. I was that driver you can't stand: break lights, coast...ooh, interesting, speed up - break lights... then between a cave and Quakertown I took a wrong turn. I love wrong turns but the sun was going down and I needed to get to Reading, time to just drive. I'll post a few more images this week, but this is where I started... good ol' Jersey.


Anonymous said...

We have a Facebook group from Union NJ. I was wondering if we could put your photo of HyWay Bowl in our page?

g said...

well I have no way to contact you? As long as you credit where credit is due with a link!