Talking Oil.

Thursday night I met up with some friends to discuss the oil spill. Friends from the south, New Orleans to be exact. As Graham spoke about the video they shot I felt like I was at a wake for a friend. For me, I'm so distanced from it but wanting to go. I am planning a trip south to see for myself, to hopefully meet some folk and gather information. To photograph the white sands slowly changing colors. For now, I will work with Graham and friends and try to understand and see what we can do, all the way up here in nyc.

The plexi-cubes are filled with water/oil that was gathered on their trip to the gulf 2 weeks ago. If you want more info or want to help, or maybe know someone I should/could talk with down south, please shoot me an email.

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James said...

I'm moving to NOLA in seven days — drop me a line when you're down there! It'd be nice to properly meet, and I'll be working with a few groups in July/August.