Salvador, day 1

St. Dominic Church

Amazing. I remember now why I love these workshops with Ernesto. Yes the photography is a big part, but it's the rest - how we come together from all over the world and become family, the traveling to amazing regions, as well as photography... that is the total package. Upon my arrival last night I met 2 of the other students, Mar and...?, since I'm horrible with names I will refer to them as Spain and Italy. There is also Romania, France and Denmark along with Ernesto which makes us a group of 7. Half of us speak English. Spain speaks French and Italian. Italy has Spanish and a little English. France has the English as well... so conversations take a while between interpreting and attmepting to figure out what each other is trying to say plus the laughter at what we thought was said. It's wonderful.

After the rain, Spain, Italy and I adventured off to Centro Histórico, the old town. We decided to walk the 5km but that turned into 7km+ up and down hills, which means my knees are throbbing. Some areas remind me of Cuba, others Canal Street in NYC, and some look straight out of Cairo. We did the tourist thing today then met the rest of the group for dinner and a celebratory Cachaça for my birthday. A great start! In the morning we head out early for "avagem do Bonfim" which is the Candomblé ritual washing of the steps to the Catholic Nosso Senhor do Bonfim Church. Boa Noite!

Centro Historic

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