Lavagem do Bonfim

Today started with us diving out of the taxi and running down the hill to catch up with the Baiana's - 8 photographers running down the hill is a sight to be seen. We then walked the full length of the procession to Igreja do Bonfim, at least 7km in the sun and humidity where no matter how much sun screen I applied I sweat it off in minutes, I am as red as a cooked lobster. I understood the fiesta to be a procession followed by the washing of the steps at the Cathedral, but either I missed the washing or that part didn't happen. It was an amazing day spent with 200,000 others walking through the streets of Salvador ending with the blessings and offerings at Bonfim. Afterwards there was more dancing and eating and we began our second adventure in an old factory now a village for the poor. Those photos will come another time. We head off into the mountains tomorrow and not sure we will have internet, so if you do not hear from me for a week, that is why. until then... enjoy! I've still smiling from this amazing day.

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