Misadventures of G

I knew the trip to Boipeba was too easy to be true and the trip home was far more accurate to random travels when you really don't speak the language. It started in Boipeba when no one could find change for a $50. Then we packed into the speed boat with all of our luggage, perhaps we were too heavy or the tide just too low, but we kept hitting ground. Our driver took it all in stride until the motor conked out in the middle of our trip... and so we floated. About 3o minutes later another boat rescued us and in the rocking water we transferred all of our luggage and goods which was quite amusing - but hey, at least it was beautiful. I kind of felt bad for our captain as we sped off and left him floating awaiting the return of another boat to tow him in, but I was glad to be on our way since I needed to catch a bus... which no one in town would tell me where the bus depot was, all feigned ignorance, "bus? what is bus?? Itaparica? Donde?" yeah, ok... whatever, I gave up and jumped into a cab that drove me to a bus stop further then the one I arrived on and I was sure I was getting dumped someplace just to screw with me. After many questions in broken broken Portuguese, turns out I was at a correct stop, he just so nicely dropped me with the locals so I only paid half price. yay! Or at least I think that is what happened... either way, made it back to Salvador in time for dinner with the boys - Porchetta, Pizza and Beer of course!

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