Valentines Day

We drove down so many dirt roads looking for this man I never thought we'd find him. We turned left when he was probably off to the right. Stopped and asked every person we passed if they knew him, most shook their heads no but still pointed us in another direction. We tried one road because a tree reminded Tammy of his hair, but he wasn't there either. I really don't remember how we found him, but we did, and there he was to greet us. Sort of. He moved from tree to tree quickly picking fruit off the ground and from the branches. Handing some to us to eat, others were dropped in a bag for us to take. From one side of his property to the other, over barbed wire fences and through bushes, I was sure the barbed wire was going to go straight through his worn flip flops but he managed. We followed him again as he moved swiftly back towards the cashew tree in the front. More fruit. Take them please, as he guided us back towards our cars and sent us on our way. We were dazed from his energy, confused at what just occurred, and back in the cars on our way to find our next adventure. I never even caught his name...

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