Santiago de Iguape

This was, by far, my favorite Carnival celebration of our trip. Not much of anything compared to Salvador or Rio, or even Maragogipe, but I loved it. As we had a little siesta after lunch kids started converging into the community building next to our car. They arrived in shorts and flip flops carrying their costumes in their backpacks, secrecy of who is who is integral. Once ready, everyone emerged in costumes made of bed sheets, wearing rubber boots and masks... which pretty much looked like escaped laundry to me. ha! In 90+ degree heat, it had to have been torture but they were having so much fun running through the streets haunting away the evil spirits - I was sweating just keeping up with them. As we wandered back towards the car we notice a couple of costumes in a corner bar so we had to stop in... you know, for the costumes. I have to say, these are some of the most friendly people of anywhere I've traveled. Here we are, a pack of worn out photographers/tourists following kids through town photographing them and the first thing people do is offer us beer! So of course we had some... and some laughs and photographed some more. It's all so wonderful and it's hard to believe it's been a month already. How did that happen?

Here's the owner - at 80 years old - showing off his skillz!

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