Our little jaunt to Bainet.

The driver said, "hey, it will only take about 45 minutes. We'll have a nice fish on the beach, it will be great!" And everything about the day was. Even after the 45 minutes that turned into 2 hours along roads that made no sense. Even now that i'm pretty sure that fish is what is causing the "issues"... the town was wonderful. Bainet was hit just as hard as everywhere in Haiti, homes fell, churches collapsed, and in true Haitian spirit, they are rebuilding and will continue on. Everyone I've met has yet to make this drive so I feel honored to have seen Bainet. It's a small town, where I found folks not only welcoming of our cameras, but us, the foreigners. The beach was sparkling and the landscape along the way stunning. If you make it to Haiti - I recommend a day or 2 in Bainet. We only had a couple hours but if, and when I return, I will definitely spend more time there.


jack donaghy said...

i'm really loving these photod, merci G!

Maria said...

I am always happy to see a canine. Wonderful!