Giglio, 2009

Another day out and about in the sun! I woke up with the idea to nothing today and ended up filling the whole thing with fun. Biking, Giglio, Soul Summit and BBQ - I love summer. Almost every year I've made it to the Giglio Feast of Mount Carmel and am amazed every time - 112 men lifting a 4-ton, 65-foot tower with another 10-15 men on top - spinning, swaying, smiling in the heat of July.

Uaglio! (Boys!)
Aizati i spalli (Lift your shoulders)
Acconge i cosce (Tighten your legs)
Aggiet! (Throw it!)

I love seeing the familiar faces as the years go by, this year I found myself standing next to Danny Aiello. Soon as I realized it was him, all I thought about was Moonstuck (I love that movie!). He looks much younger then IMDB says he is! If you've never gone to the Feast, make a point to go next year. Click here for more Feast pics

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Maria said...

Such great photos and words that help us experience this through you.