Happy Birthday to Me.

For my Birthday this year - it supposably being a momentous one, I say it's a conspiracy - I planned a trip to Brazil to spend some time with my photography. 2 weeks with Ernesto Bazan in what I hope to be a world of focus. It took my entire birthday to get here, awake at 3am arriving just about midnight. The weather was due to be crap in NYC so I was glad to get out but those were some really horrible flights. Turbulence didn't stop from the moment we took off, with a few dips as we neared Sau Paulo that had many with the 'bags' out.... some didn't have time. Let's just say the plane was a mess. Finally to the ground I had to rush to my next flight as we were almost 2 hours late. I can say this, Brazil's customs works much more efficiently then the USA. Anyways - another rough flight and I've made my way to Salvador... where it is raining. Really raining. It's beautifully warm and humid and my skin is so happy, but the rain came so hard last night that power was shut down. Awoken to many alarms going off and dogs concerned, one peep out the window to see the whole city is black. Whatever, I was dog tired. It's a new day, it's still raining but I have a big cup of coffee and settling into my adventure.

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