With just 4 hours of sleep I pulled myself together and we ran out to celebrate Carnaval! How could I not - I'm here and it's happening now... now... and now, and still, now. It's 11pm and this party is just getting started. Out the window a monster truck just rolled by with the Afromen atop as a continuous stream of revelers walk down the street to get to the biggest party of Salvador - Barra Circuit! Carnaval starts early and pretty much goes until just before early, non-stop for 7 days. An entire city filled with 3-for-5r$ beer vendors - we waited as long as we could (uhm, noon) until we joined in and then again and again to fight off the heat as we walked from Graca to Pelourinho and back to Barra again for a dip in the ocean. It's been a very long, wonderful, exhausting, hot day and as much as I wish to fall into a deep sleep the world around me is just getting started.

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